Zimbali Capital is a Section 12J Venture Capital Company which offers investors attractive property backed returns with the added benefit of receiving a tax credit of up to 45% on the investments amount.

​Zimbali Capital is focused at leveraging off IFA Hotels & Resorts’ extensive property portfolio with the initial round of funds being invested in the hospitality development on the exclusive Zimbali Lakes Resort, called Boulevard Pads, with further rounds of investments in hospitality developments at Legend Golf & Safari Resort and de Zalze Lodge.

Zimbali Capital is managed in joint venture between Zimbali Resort Developments and boutique financial consulting firm Jaltech.


Zimbali Lakes Resort is the paradigm of multi-generational living; offering retirees, young professionals and families the opportunity to live the Zimbali lifestyle. The pet-friendly Zimbali Lakes Resort is a stylishly-curated assembly of some of the finest and most desirable amenities seen within a gated estate, offering unparalleled choice to residents at any stage of life. This secure mixed-use estate not only offers luxury living, but also the luxury of choice. The bustling retail piazza, family-focused facilities, serene green spaces and vast lakes means you can indulge your every whim, all within the safety and comfort of Zimbali Lakes Resort. Residents will experience true holistic living at Zimbali Lakes Resort; the perfect choice in luxury estate living.


The Boulevard is an urban hub designed with convenience and accessibility in mind – with mixed-use facilities, which offer a world of choice on your doorstep. The Boulevard offers a vibrant mix of lifestyle amenities, including a shop-lined piazza, state of the art medical suites, dynamic office spaces, serviced and non-serviced apartments and an internationally branded hotel.


Zimbali Capital seeks to invest and operate property/hospitality assets in key tourist destinations targeting both foreign and domestic travellers. Zimbali Capital will target stable returns and capital growth, enhanced by the Section 12J tax benefit, with investments that are backed by high quality assets. A key differentiator of Zimbali Capital is that Zimbali Capital has an extremely strong pipeline (up to R2 billion) of projects in which it can invest.

Zimbali Capital is a Section 12J Venture Capital Company which offers Investors attractive returns backed by quality property assets with the added benefit of receiving a tax credit of up to 45% on the investment amount.

Zimbali Capital was created to:

  • provide Investors with the opportunity to invest in gold standard property / hospitality assets
  • provide Investors with attractive property backed returns, enhanced by the Section 12J tax benefit associated with the investment
  • reduce the risk to Investors through the Section 12J deduction and other risk mitigations provided by Zimbali Capital and
  • execute on a vision to expand a portfolio of integrated property/hospitality and other operating downstream business assets (at a later stage), with world class quality that has become synonymous with the Zimbali brand.

Beachwood Capital is the Fund Manager of Zimbali Capital, responsible for the day to day management of Zimbali Capital’s operations.

The key responsibilities of Beachwood Capital includes:

  • Administration and maintenance of relevant licensing with FSCA and SARS
  • Compliance with the FAIS Act
  • Management of the day to day operations of Zimbali Capital
  • Sourcing investment opportunities and pipeline
  • Deploying capital and managing the investments in line with the Investment

Jaltech is a boutique financial consulting firm focusing on forming, structuring and the market leader within the industry, boasting the largest Section 12J professional team focusing on providing exceptional service to its clients. The Fund Manager has outsourced certain administrative and compliance functions to Jaltech.

Zimbali Resort Developments Joint Venture has been undertaking the master development of both the Zimbali Coastal Resort and the Zimbali Lakes Resort since 1996. Zimbali Resort Developments Joint Venture partnership has strategic relationships with IFA and Zimbali Partners who collectively together with Zimbali will exclusively, within the Section 12J VCC industry, provide Zimbali Capital with investment pipeline. Zimbali is a partner in Zimbali Resort Developments Joint Venture and is a subsidiary of IFA.

IFA is a subsidiary of IFA Hotel & Resorts KPSC which is listed on the Kuwait stock exchange. IFA Hotel & Resorts KPSC is a worldwide leader in the development of mixed-use hotel and residential resort projects as well as luxury leisure services.

To enrich its understanding of the markets in which IFA Hotel & Resorts KPSC operates, it enters into strategic alliances and joint venture partnerships with leading local companies. With a signicant global footprint in premium city, resort and residential destinations, IFA and its partners have brought projects to market in United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa.

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